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Innovative Pharmaceutical Company Synchronizing R&D, Production and Marketing

Biokin Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company with cutting-edge global biomedical research and development, aiming at addressing the unmet needs of cancer patients, Baili Pharmaceuticals has developed full-stack drug discovery capabilities for small-molecule drugs, biological drugs, and ADCs and is an established biomedical company whose operations cover the entire biomedical development life cycle from R&D to production and marketing.

Biokin owns R&D centers in China and the United States (US: Systimmune Inc; China: Baili Pharmaceutical and Baili-Bio Pharmaceutical, etc.), a biological drug and antibody conjugated drug production facility (Baili-Bio Pharmaceutical), two pharmaceutical formulation facilities (Baili Pharmaceutical and Guorui Pharmaceutical), one active pharmaceutical ingredient production facility (Jingxi Pharmaceutical), one chemical intermediate manufacturer (Hayate Technology) and two pharmaceutical marketing companies (Biokin and Lhasa Xinbo).

R&D Centers
Baili-Bio (Chengdu) Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing Companies
Sichuan Baili Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Sichuan Guorui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Baili-Bio(Chengdu)Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Chengdu Jingxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Chengdu Hiatt Technology Co., Ltd
Marketing Companies
Baili Pharmaceutical
Guorui Pharmaceutical
Jingxi Pharmaceutical
Hiatt Technology
Company Address:1#, Building 1,No.161, Baili Road, Cross-Strait Science and Technology Industrial Development Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City
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