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Enterprise Development Planning
Long-Term Goal
U.S.-China Innovation For the Global Market
Baili Pharmaceutical aims at becoming a globally recognized biopharmaceutical company.
We invent in the U.S. and improve our inventions in China with the goal of entering into major markets in the U.S., China and Europe.
  • Establish a biotechnology company focusing on new drug development in the US to gain access to top notch scientific talents and technologies.
  • Focus on developing new biological drugs for cancer treatment with a 6-year market entry goal.
  • Establish an international team to market our new cancer drugs in China, the United States, and other regions all over the world.
  • Become a recognized brand in cancer drug development and manufacturing in both China and the western market within the next ten years.
Generic Drugs made in China for the U.S. and the world
Baili Pharmaceutical aims to become a globally recognized biopharmaceutical company in the generic drug field.
Our generic drug strategy is to formulate in China for approvals in China, US and Europe and upon approvals, to manufacture in China for sale in those three markets.
  • Build a manufacturing facility that is US FDA compliant to meet the needs of both the US and China markets.
  • Acquire a US FDA-compliant GMP manufacturing facility in the US to streamline U.S. based FDA drug approval process and to participate in government procurement opportunities.
  • Obtain FDA approvals for at least 20 families of generic drugs in the US, and create a generic drug portfolio of over 100 “gold standard” medicine within ten years.
  • Build an FDA-compliant manufacturing QC system with component regulatory compliance, management, and marketing teams focusing on the western market.
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