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2023 New Year’s Speech by the President: “One Step a Footprint, One Step a Realm, Be the Peak of the High Mountain”


General Manger Office on February 1, 2023

Biokin Pharmaceutical on February 1, 2023

On January 6, 2023, Biokin Pharmaceutical was listed on Science and Technology Innovation Board. It is the first enterprise listed on the Board in 2023 and the first stock of an innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise which goes up since its listing, that indicates getting out of the shadow of “ slump below issue price upon listing” of these enterprises on the Science and Technology Innovation Board for a period of time. From this point of view, it is a good start of the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2023, and we are very happy to see that the investors have profited from the rise; it will be  a significant milestone event in Biokin’s development history.

Looking   back, Biokin Pharmaceutical, founded in 1996, has always been an enterprise   with strong sense of direction, with persistence and practicality.

In 2003

When its generic drug R&D, production and marketing systems had just taken shape, in the president’s new year speech of that year, people can see that the Company had already begun to look forward to the revolutionary innovation opportunities in the next 10-20 years: “ The breakthroughs of bioengineering and nanotechnology in the next 10-20 years will bring revolutionary opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, thus making a number of pharmaceutical enterprises or life science enterprises suddenly rising”; and in the president’s new year speech of  2004, he came straight to the point: “ Since its establishment, Biokin Pharmaceutical has been full of ambition, desire and passion and has firmly believed that, the Nation, with so long a history, so splendid culture, so intelligent people and broad mind,  surely will breed and create outstanding enterprises. To this end, Biokin should make efforts and insist to become one of them.”

In 2013, after Ten Years

After  wide and deep investigations on biopharmaceutical industry and business ecology in the United States, Biokin put forward its ten-year strategy of  innovation-oriented transformation: integrates into the global innovation system by setting up a R&D center in North America, a global biopharmaceutical innovation highland, to embrace  the most cutting-edge scientific information, abundant talent pool of scientists,  advantaged innovation ecology, thereby  acquiring a sustainable innovation platform and sustainable innovation capability. And then in 2014, we  set up a biotech company, Systimmune INC,  based in Seattle, and began to take breakthrough innovations of bispecific antibodies, ADCs and GNC multi-specific antibodies focusing on the field of tumor therapy. (PS. Interestingly, when Biokin  set sail in 2013, it was encountering a raging tide of returnees; in addition, by 2010, Biokin Pharmaceutical’s generic drug/TCM businesses could steadily bring the Company tens of millions of spare money every year, and the Company's exploration for innovation-oriented  transformation had actually started as early as 2010.)

In 2023, After another Decade

Biokin has in hand a pipeline with 9 innovative drugs  in clinical trials at present, 5 of which are globally original creation, more than 20 clinical trial programs have been conducting, and  several programs of phase III clinical trials will be conducted this year, and  a series of IND applications will be submitted to FDA  in this year. Biokin,  holding in hand the currently most competitive clinical stage  innovative  pipeline in the subdivision field of tumor antibody  innovative  therapeutics followed by subsequent a series of new pipelines, using the world-leading sustainable and innovative platforms of ADCs  and GNC multi-specific antibodies, is embracing the future  confidently, ambitiously and eagerly.

Looking   forward, Biokin  will still be an   enterprise with strong sense of direction, persistence and practicality.

In the Next Decade

Biokin,  starting from China, will go one step a   footprint, one step a realm, to grow up into a world-leading pioneering   multinational enterprise that focuses on R&D and commercialization of   breakthrough antibody therapeutics  in   the field of cancer therapy, to bring light of hope for the desperate souls   of cancer patients. Biokin will strive for that! Biokin will stick to that!

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2th February , 2023


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