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Baili Pharm Honored as Advanced Collective of Building a Strong Manufacturing City Work of Chengdu 2023



Chengdu held the 2024 New Economy Work Conference of Economy and Information Technology on January 26. The conference focused on the "seven more prominent and higher level" requirements of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. The ten key actions will be implemented primarily to promote the "No. 1 Project" of Establishing an Industrial City and Building a Strong Manufacturing City Work. At the conference, Advanced Collective and Advanced Individual of Ten Categories 2023 were commended, and Baili Pharm was honored as Advanced Collective of Building a Strong Manufacturing City Work of Chengdu 2023.


This conference made a systematic summary of the work in 2023, arranged and deployed the tasks in 2024, and mobilized and motivated the cadres and workers of the city's industrial and information technology, new economy system to strive to advance new industrialization and accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing city. The Advanced Collective of Building a Strong Manufacturing City Work focused on 17 key manufacturing industry chains and characteristic advantaged areas, playing a certain leading role in the industry. With great development potential, strong segmentation, brand benefits and a high market share, these enterprises boast technological innovation and leading strength, deliver remarkable performance in scientific research, technology development, achievement transformation and other aspects, and demonstrate product development ability and industrialization potential.


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