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BIOKIN PHARMACEUTICAL: Propofol Emulsion Injection to be Selected for the Ninth Batch of National Drug Centralized Procurement



Sichuan Guorui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BIOKIN PHARMACEUTICAL (stock code 688506), participated in the bidding work for the ninth batch of national drug centralized procurement organized by the National Organization Drug Joint Procurement Office on November 6, 2023, and Guorui Pharmaceutical's product, propofol emulsion injection, is proposed to be selected for this centralized procurement.

This centralized procurement is the ninth batch of national drug centralized procurement organized by the Joint Procurement Office. During the procurement cycle, medical institutions will give priority to the use of the selected drugs and ensure the completion of the agreed procurement volume. This centralized procurement will be conducive to further expanding the sales scale of the relevant products, increasing the market share, promoting the development of the relevant products of the Company in the domestic market, enhancing the brand influence of the Company, and will have a positive impact on the future operating results of the Company.


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