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SI-B001(EGFR x HER3)Initiating Phase III Clinical Trial


The seminar on phase III clinical trial proposal of the world’s first EGFR x HER3 bispecific-antibody (SI-B001) was successfully held in Guangzhou on March 4, which marks a new stage of formally entering into phase III of Biokin Pharmaceutical’s innovative pipelines .

"SI-B001 has shown very good efficacy in both phase I and phase II clinical trials, and the outcomes are encouraging. Phase III registration clinical trial proposal has been communicated with CDE, and we hope that we can promote early launch of SI-B001 through high-quality clinical trial. ", Professor Zhang Li, the principal investigator, said in his opening speech


Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Zhang Li

Doctor Zhu Yi, President of Biokin Pharmaceutical, expressed welcome to the attendees of the 28 participating centers and major investigators, and expressed appreciations for their  contributions of Professor Zhangli and the researcher team of Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University for the previous trials of the project. President Zhu said, “SI-B001 is the first project of Biokin in terms of innovative pipeline entering phase III clinical trial, and I am looking forward to make great efforts jointly with you experts to promot  commercialization of more projects early.”


Doctor Zhu Yi, President of Biokin Pharmaceutical

Nearly 50 experts from 28 research centers nationwide, including Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing Cancer Hospital, Shanghai Chest Hospital, Jilin Cancer Hospital, People's Hospital of Wuhan University, Hunan Central Hospital, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, made an in-depth and heated discussion on the details of the clinical trial proposal by online and offline participation.


With the finalizing of the protocol, SI-B001 is about to formally usher in phase III clinical trial, and we also expect that the world’s first EGFRxHER3 clinical trail can be completed with high quality under the joint efforts of everyone, and finally the product can be launched into the market successfully to provide a more effective theraputic for doctors and let more cancer patients to obtain better treatment.

Acknowledgements to the Research Centers Participating in the Protocol Seminar

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